Wahl KM10 Cordless Clippers Dogs | Wahl KM10 Review, Parts, Blades

wahl km10 reviewClipping your dogs at home can be really frustrating when you don’t have enough resources with you. Fortunately, there are many clipper brands like WAHL and Oster, which manufacturers world-class and professional dog clippers and for other animals. You don’t really have to take your pet to a vet every time you want to trim his hairs. Instead, you can prefer buying a clipper and do it yourself. Remember that it is not everyone’s cup of tea as dog hairs are very different from that of humans and you will need a separate clipper for dogs in order to do the trimming.
It’s not just about the expenses but trimming your pets yourself will help you in improving your bond with your pets.

Not like professionals but you will slowly learn how to do it right. Here in this post, we are going to do Wahl KM10 review where you can learn about the Wahl KM10 replacements parts and Wahl KM10 clipper blades. Not to mention we have added the direct buying link of this clipper which will help you in getting some discount too. There are many dog clippers like Oster A5 clipper which we’ve reviewed earlier on this blog and you can read about it and then buy one according to your needs

Wahl KM10 Professional Clipper | Wahl KM10 Review

Powerful Motor – Wahl KM10 is a powerful clipper which has 2-speed controls for better performance. You can adjust the speed to 3000 or 3500 and it will run at that constant speed for as long as you wanted it to. This is a corded clipper which makes it even more powerful than cordless clippers and it is right now WAHL’s one of the most popular dog clippers.

Detachable Blades – Out of the box, Wahl KM10 comes with #7 blade which is detachable and can be changed easily. Though it comes with additional cleaning brush and oil for blades, it lacks when it comes to additional parts. You don’t get combs and other attachments with this clipper. The blades are directly connected with motor, which makes them powerful and creates fewer vibrations.

Comfortable Design – The design of Wahl KM10 clipper for dogs is very comfortable and it prevents wrist fatigue. You can use it for both professional and home use without any worries. This clipper is comparatively smaller in size and perfect for those who don’t have any experience in trimming the animals. Though we recommend you to learn to trim from a professional before you do it yourself at home.

WAHL KM10 Clipper

  • 2-speed control for more efficiency.
  • Detachable blade system.
  • Compatible with dogs, cats, horses and livestock trimming.
  • Quiet and clog free trimming.
  • 14-feet long cord.
  • Might heat up with constant usage.


Wahl KM10 Parts | Wahl KM10 Components

SpecificationsOster A5 BladesOster A5 PartsIn The Package
ModelWahl KM10 Cordless Clipper
Weight12.9 Oz
Motor3000, 3500 SPM

KM10 clippers cordless is powered with #7F Ultimate Competition Series Blade which makes the grooming and trimming easier for everyone. This is a brushles clipper for dogs which increases the efficiency of machine and clipping speed.

Wahl KM10 dog clippers have many detachable parts which you can take off and replace if they gets broken. You also get a 5 years warranty on the machine, so don’t worry about the usability of this clipper from Wahl.

  • Blade oil.
  • Clipper machine.
  • Cleaning Brush.
  • Instructions manual.

Wahl KM10 Brushless Clipper Overview

Model NameWahl KM10
Clipper TypeCorded (14 Feet)
Supported Blades#7F Ultimate Competition Series Blade
Motor TypeRotary Motor / 3000-3500SPM
Weight12.9 Oz
Dog Coat TypeAll Type Coat
Best Use ForProfessional/Home Grooming

Final Words

So this is all about Wahl KM10 brushless clipper and we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Do note that Wahl KM10 blade drive is detachable in the latest models so you can easily change and clean them as per needs. If you are looking for more WAHL clippers, then you can read about them on this blog. We’ve reviewed several clippers for dogs on this blog which you can read to know more about an individual product.

We hope you’ve liked our post about Wahl KM10 clippers review and though there are many cordless clippers for dogs available out there still we think Wahl KM10 is best among all. If you know about any other good clippers for dogs or want to know more about this Wahl cordless KM10 animal clipper, then let us know about it via comments below.

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