Tips For Removing Mats and Tangles From Your Matted Dog

Tips For Removing Mats and Tangles From Your Matted Dog

Having a dog as a pet makes everyone happy and that is why they are called human’s best friend. Well, just like human beings they also need caring and proper physical cleanliness. If you have a dog as a pet at your home, then you might be taking him to a vet or professional groomer for a grooming session. Though it is good to take help from the professionals sometimes you can do all of that work at home.

These days a lot of dog grooming tools and accessories available out there, that lets you take care of your dog at home. Dogs with short hairs are easy to maintain but if you have a dog breed with long or curly hairs then you might need to take extra care of his fur.

Dog’s fur is different from human hair and thus they require special treatment. If you are not sure how to take care of your dog’s fur and health, then you can take help from any professional in your city. Sometimes when you don’t wash, brush or trim your dog for long, his hair might get mats and tangles. Not paying attention to them might lead to many diseases and physical complications.

By using the right clipper for your dog, you can easily trim the hairs but matted hairs are not easy to trim. You must perform a step-by-step cleaning process to get mats and tangles out of your dog’s fur. The best thing is that you can do that at home yourself if you know how to do that, you just need to use the right tools like a comb or dog clippers for matted hair.

Tips For Removing Mats and Tangles From Your Matted Dog

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about the dog’s matted and tangled hairs and how you can get rid of them at home. If you don’t know anything about dog grooming then we will recommend you to take your dog to a professional groomer and then you can learn from them to get the work done at home afterward. Till then, you can read this post till the end to know everything about dog grooming. We have also mentioned some of the best professional dog clippers that you can use to get the trim of your choice on your dog. But before doing anything, you must get the tangles and mats out of your dog’s hair.

What Are The Causes of Matted Hair In Dogs?

Mats and tangles in long-haired dogs are common but there can be different reasons behind their formation. The number one and the most common reason is the fraction in sensitive areas like under the collar, behind the ears, in the armpits, or on the lower legs. These are the areas where mats generally form in most the dogs and while cleaning your dog you must pay attention to these areas to check if there are any mats.

Dogs that sit a lot on one side can form mats because of the fur being compacted in that spot. If your dog plays a lot in mud or outside, then the dirt gets stuck to the hairs and then form tangles and mats. If the mats start to turn red or pink, then you should take your dog to a vet for professional assistance. It may be a sign of infection.

Why You Should Remove Mats Out Of Dog Hair?

Needless to say, you must always remove the mats and tangles as soon as you notice them on your dog. If the mats are severe, then take your dog to a professional groomer so that they can be removed properly. Treating your dog at home isn’t always a good idea unless you know everything about how mats and tangles form on dogs and how you can remove them. We have already told you about why mats and tangles form on dogs and here is why you should get rid of them at the earliest.

  1. Untreated mats can cause skin irritation or infection.
  2. Tangles on the dog fur make him look bad.
  3. A mat and tangle-free dog remains happy.
  4. The dog might stay in discomfort with mats and tangles.

Best Tips: How To Get Rid of Matts & Tangles?

Bathe Your Dog

Before you use any trimmer to tools on your pet, the first thing you need to do is to clean your dog. Bathe your dog nicely with some shampoo so the hairs can become silky and smooth. Remember that you must purchase the shampoo based on the fur type of your dog. A simple search on Google will get you a list of hundreds of shampoos for your dog. If you have a dog with long hairs, then you can consider buying a conditioner too so that the hairs can get extra nutrition. When you are bathing your dog, make sure to use your fingers to determine the position of the mats and tangles. You can also use your fingers to detangle the hairs a little bit so it becomes easy to get rid of them later.

Find Out The Mats and Tangles

Right after you have bathed your dog, it’s time to find out the mats and tangles. Remember that you must not use any kind of combs to do that as they might stretch the hairs and can cause pain to the dog. Instead of that, you can use your hands to find out the mats and tangles. Take your time and do that slowly so no mats get undetected.

The main objective is to find the location of the tangles and mats. If you are able to detangle the hairs without using any tools, then you should do that so it will become easier for you to clean out of the mats later.

Also Use Detangler Brush & Spray

Sometimes you will be able to remove the tangles from hair without using any tools, but after finding the mats you should consider using detangler brush and hair spray to get rid of them. There are many brushes available out there but you should consider using the detangler brushes as they are really helpful in removing mats painlessly and easily.

While buying a detangler spray make sure it is all-natural, non-GMO and tear-free so that you don’t get irritated when you use it on him. A detangling conditioning spray comes really handy when you want to give your dog a fresh and clean look along with a mild aroma. There are some conditioning spray available out there that doesn’t require the need for a full bath and you can even use them.

Don’t Forget The Clippers For Matted Hairs

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog with long hair or short, you can always use clippers on him to get the best cut. Clippers with different features and of all price range are available out there that you can buy according to your needs. Once you have cleaned your dog with shampoo and applied a good detangler spray, you can use a clipper to clip out the tangles and mats from the hair. If you have a dog with long hairs and there are too many mats and tangles, then consider cutting them with a scissor first and then use trimmers on them.

We have also posted about some of the best dog clippers for matted hair and if you are looking for them, then you can read our guide on it to know about the best products.

How To Prevent Matts From Happening?

Final Words

So this is all about how to remove mats and tangles from your dog hair. We hope you have found what you were looking for and now you are able to remove mats from your dog’s fur. Remember that there are many tools and products available to get the work done, but you must follow the above-mentioned methods to remove mats from your dog’s fur.

We will keep updating this post with the latest information and new ways on how to detangle the dog’s hair, so keep visiting The Best Dog Clippers to know about them. If you are facing any issues in removing mats or you have any questions regarding dog grooming, then you can ask us for help via the comments below.

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