How To Groom & Use Dog Clippers Correctly

How To Groom & Use Dog Clippers Correctly | Step By Step

Grooming a dog is as necessary as feeding him with proper nutrients. A dog is not an animal but a very intelligent species that are loved all over the world. With over 40 different species dogs are the only animal that is friendly, protective and loyal at the same time. A dog is man’s best friend and a great companion too. If you have a dog in your home then you must keep him clean and tidy to keep him away from diseases. There are various benefits of dog grooming and trimming and you must know about them. Taking your dog to a professional dog groomer or vet is definitely a good idea, but can be expensive too. Instead of doing that you can use the dog grooming tools available over the internet to get the work done at home.

Trimming and clipping your dog at home will not only save money for you but it will increase your bonding with your pet. Apart from the dog clippers, there are a lot of other tools available that can be used to give a perfect grooming session to your pet. The best thing about these tools is that they work even on other pets. So if you have other pets like cats or livestock in your home, then you can use them to groom those animals as well. Coming to the point, dog grooming can be easy and hard at the same time. If you know about all of the steps and tools, then you can easily trim and groom your dog at home and if you are not aware of them, then it can be hard for you to trim your dog at home.

How To Groom & Use Dog Clippers Correctly

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best dog grooming tips and will show you a step-by-step guide on how to do it at home. There are many people out there who don’t know how to use dog clippers properly and if you are among them then this post will definitely help you with grooming your dog. We have provided all of the resources needed in dog grooming which you can by according to your needs. Do read this post till the end to know about the basics and the levels of dog grooming you need. Remember that different breeds require a different kinds of care, so you should always do the things that are suitable for the dog you have.

Why Dog Grooming Is Necessary?

Keeps Your Dog Healthy – The best benefit of grooming the dog is to keep him healthy. If you will not bathe or groom your dog for long, then he can become ill because being clean keeps everyone healthy. Just like a human needs to bath to stay away from diseases, the same goes for the animals and your dog too.

Prevents Clogs On Fur – If you have a dog with long hairs and if you will not groom him for long then the hairs can form mats and eventually it will hurt him. Remember that dogs with long hairs need more attention than dogs with small fur. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to groom the dog with small fur as both of them need grooming.

Early Detection of Issues – If you will clean and groom your dog often, then it can also help you in detecting any issues with his skin and health. You can also use dog clippers for matted hair to get rid of them. Dogs play the whole day and this is another reason why their fur gets dirty and if you will not wash or trim them then they can attract viruses and allergies. You should also take your dog to a vet every 3-4 months for a full health checkup.

Increased Bond With Dog – When you will make dog grooming an occasional activity then your dog will get used to it. Taking your dog to a professional groomer will definitely get the work done, but if you will do it yourself then it can increase your bond with your dog. By using the professional dog clippers at home, you can even get professional-grade clipping at home.

Makes The Dog Look Better – A good looking dog represents a responsible owner and this is yet another reason to keep your dog well-groomed and clean all the time. There are some breeds out there that look good with only a certain type of hair cut and if you will not trim their fur then they will definitely look attractive. You can use combs and nail filers to give an extra layer of care to your dog.

How To Groom A Dog Yourself At Home | Dog Grooming Guide

Get The Best Dog Clippers

The first step for perfect dog grooming is using the best clippers for dogs. Just like there are dogs of different breeds available out there, different kinds of clippers are available too. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for tutorials on how to groom a dog with long hair or how to use dog clippers for nails, you can always use a dog clipper to get the work done.

We have already posted about some of the best dog clippers on this blog which you can read about to know more about the clippers suitable for your dog. If you want then you can also buy different kinds of blades for different levels of clipping. Most of the dog clippers come with different tools that can be useful in getting the perfect cut for your dog.

Make Use of The Attachments

Remember that most of the dog clippers come with necessary attachments like combs, scissors, oil, etc. that can be used to give perfect trim to the dog. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for tutorials on how to use dog clippers on a Poodle, how to use dog clippers on a Shiz Tzu or how to use dog clippers on a Yorkie you can always get the best cut using the clippers and its attachments.

Before using the clipper on the dog, make sure to use scissors to give a shape to the dog’s fur. It will help you in getting an overview of which cut will look good on your dog and then you can use the clippers and combs to give it a better finishing.

Don’t Forget To Trim The Nails

You can already get help on how to groom a dog with electric clippers on the internet, but don’t forget the nails. Once you are done with the trimming of the dog’s hair and grooming session, don’t forget to clip his nails. If you have bought a dog grooming kit then nail filers for dogs will come with them which you can use to trim the nails too.

If you have not clipped the nails of your dog before, then we will recommend you to get it done by the professionals. There is a certain length of dog nails that should be kept so beware of it.

How To Groom A Dog With Clippers?

Final Words

So this is all about how to groom a dog for beginner’s guide and we hope you have found this guide useful. We hope now you know everything about how to groom a dog yourself at home and you are able to find the perfect dog clipper too. There are different kinds of dog clippers available out there, so don’t forget to read about them before buying anything as not all clippers are suitable for all dog breeds.

We will keep updating this post with the latest information on how to use dog clippers correctly, so keep visiting The Best Dog Clippers. You can also search on YouTube for how to groom a dog step by step to get visual help on the dog grooming process. If you have any questions regarding how to use clippers for dog grooming or you have any suggestions for us, then let us know about them via comments below.

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