How To Cut Yorkie Face Hair

How To Cut Yorkie Face Hair | Yorkie’s Facial Hair Trimming

Grooming a dog is easy but only when you know how to do it properly. Taking your dog to a professional groomer every time for trimming might not be a good idea. Though your job will be done, but there are some disadvantages too. If you will take your dog to a professional dog trimmer then you will not learn how to cut Yorkie head hair and it will cost you a lot of money too. The best thing about dog trimming is that you can buy some professional dog trimmers or dog clipping kit to do all kinds of dog grooming work at home yourself. There are a lot of dog trimmers available out there which you can buy to trim your dogs at home.

Every dog breed has different types of hairs and so does the Yorkshire terrier. You must know about how to trim a dog before buying any kind of dog timmers or kits. It is not always about the machine or tools but about the techniques to do so. If you have never done dog trimming yourself, then you should consider reading a few how-to cuts Yorkshire Terrier face hair guides available on the internet. Their long silky hair can be challenging to groom and you must always be cautious with them as a simple wrong cut will be easily visible that may ruin the looks. With proper technique and styling, you will be able to give your Yorkie a new hair cut to show off its adorable face.

How To Cut Yorkie Face Hair

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about scissor cutting a Yorkie and you will also get to know about how to cut Yorkie facial hair. Remember that trimming the facial hairs is tough and may require special tools and skills.  We will recommend you to use only the best dog clippers for Yorkies. You must not use the same procedure and trimming techniques on the fact that you are using to trim the hairs of the body parts. If you own a Yorkie and looking for a guide on how to trim facial hairs of Yorkie, then you should consider reading this post till the end.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Yorkie’s Trimming

Bathe Your Dog

The first thing to start with Yorkie facing trimming is to give a good bath to him. We will recommend you to use deep-cleaning oatmeal shampoo on the entire body even if you are going to trim only the face of him. There are different kinds of shampoos available for dogs and you must consider using the one which is suitable for the dog’s fur. Before buying anything make sure to read the information about the product and find if the shampoo soothes dry, itchy, and sensitive skin.

Dry The Hairs Before Trimming

After giving your dog a good bath, dry him up well before using any kind of grooming tool on him. You can use a high-velocity dryer to blow the water out of the coat. Remember that Yorkshire Terrier is small in size so make sure to cover his ears with a cloth or hoodie so he doesn’t get scared with the noise of the dryer. If you don’t have a dryer with you then you can consider using a dog-friendly towel to dry your pet throughout. Leave him for a while so excess water gets out of his hair.

How To Trim Yorkie Face Hair

Detangle The Hairs

Once your dog is all dry and up, use a slicker brush for straightening and removing the knots from his hair. Even though the Yorkies are small in size, their hairs are pretty silky and long which can get tangled easily. Before trimming or cutting the hairs with scissors, make sure you remove all of the mats and knots from the hair. The best thing here is that most of the dog clippers these days come with different lengths of combs to get rid of the knots.

Keep Your Tools Ready

When you have followed all of the steps mentioned above, you are all set to trim your Yorkie. Before cutting hair around Yorkies eyes make sure to clean his ears and use a nail filer to file the nails evenly. Various tools like nail filer and scissor come with dog hair trimmer and if you don’t have it then you can find one easily on the internet. If you are not sure how to trim a Yorkie’s face and ears, then you can search for a tutorial on YouTube related to it.

How To Cut Yorkie Face Hair | Yorkie Grooming Guide

Now you know much about how to trim Yorkshire Terrier and its time to tell you about how to trim Yorkie face hair. We have already shared some information on what things you must keep in mind before trimming the Yorkie facial hairs and you must read them before doing face trimming.

The first thing you need to do is to cleanse the pads or paws of your Yorkie with a #30 blade. Next, you can use a #15 blade to trim inside and outside ears, don’t forget to shave the tips. The #10 blade can be used to trim the inner corners of the eyes. A little scissor here and there will cut most of the facial hairs on the go. It’s the right time to bring the clipper into action. By using the #1 blade, you can trim excessive hairs from the face and other body parts. Styling can be done at the last, so go on with a few cuts and lite trimming of the whole body.

How To Trim Yorkie Facial Hairs

Just for your help, we have also shared a video on how to cut Yorkie hair around face below which you can watch and follow to give your Yorkie a perfect hair cut on the body and on the face too.

Other Tips For Scissor Cutting A Yorkie

Final Words

So this is all about Yorkie face trimming and we hope now you know everything about how to cut Yorkie face hair. It depends on your choice that you want Yorkie round face cut, Yorkie teddy bear face cut or Yorkie puppy cut, you should follow the guidelines and steps mentioned above to get a perfect hair cut for your Yorkie.

We will keep updating this post with more information on how to cut a Yorkie’s facial hair at home, so keep visiting The Best Dog Clippers to know about it. If you are facing any issues with Yorkshire Terrier facing hair cut or have any questions related to it, then you can ask us for help via comments below.

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