How To Groom Your Dog Using Dog Grooming Shears

How To Groom Your Dog Using Dog Grooming Shears [GUIDE]

Everyone likes having a pet and the number of people out there who loves dog are pretty high than others. Well, there is a reason why dogs are called the man’s best friend. There are different breeds of dogs and people get them according to their needs. No matter what kind of dog you have, he will definitely need grooming often. Just like it is necessary for humans to keep themselves groomed, the same goes for dogs and every other pet.

If you are new to dog grooming, then you can always take help from a professional to get everything done. From clipping of the hairs to styling, everything can be done by a professional groomer and you will just have to pay for what you want. In this era, when everything is available out there every pet owner thinks of doing the grooming themselves.

By using the right tools, the process becomes very easy. You can buy the dog clippers or trimmers online to trim the hairs but it is not all about dog grooming. Scissors or Shears is another important thing that you will need while grooming your pet. There are different types of dog grooming shears available out there and the best thing about them is that you can use them on other pets with fur.

We have already posted about the best dog clippers of various breeds on this blog and today we have decided to help you with the grooming shears for dogs. Buying a shear is not easy as buying a clipper because dog shears of different types and uses are available out there and that confuses a lot of people.

How To Groom Your Dog Using Dog Grooming Shears

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about shears for dogs grooming and what features you must look in one product before buying it. Although dog clippers are the most important thing to buy for perfect dog trimming, alone they can’t get the work done. You must consider getting a top-rated dog grooming shears if you are thinking to groom your pets at home.

Well, a simple search can get you a list of hundreds of shears for dogs but not all of them are good to use. You must select a scissor for your pets based on their quality, type, and design. This post will let you know how you can distinguish between the good shears that are worth buying. Also, you can get to know about how to use dog grooming shears without any assistance.

What Is Dog Grooming Shears?

Scissors or Shears are both the same things but there can be a little difference in them based on the manufacturer. Just like dogs of different breeds out there, shears are also available in different quality and range for them. You must buy a scissor or shear according to the dog breed you have. Some dogs have small fur while some of them have big and curly fur.

We will recommend you to read about the different type of shears available for the dogs and buy dog grooming scissors according to your needs. We have already reviewed some of the best dog shears for grooming on this blog that you can read to know about individual products and features they offer.

How To Select The Best Dog Grooming Shears

Blade Quality

The first and the most important thing to look while buying a shear for a dog is the material of the blades. It is very important to buy a scissor of high-quality material to get the work done smoothly. Remember that shears of different materials are available out there and you must know about each of them before buying. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for professional dog grooming shears or one for home use, always consider buying scissor of high-quality material Below we have mentioned top 3 best and most popular dog grooming shears materials that you can consider buying for your pets.

Carbon Steel – As the name says, this steel is made from iron and carbon and it is an alloy of hardened steel. Most of the shears for dogs are made up of this material as it is very durable. Though while using them, you must keep them dry and oiled to keep the rust away from them. If you will not use them for long, then they might get rusty and loses their sharpness.

Stainless Steel – Shears of this material are made of at least 10% chromium and they are mostly used at homes. There are different variations available in this material and each of them resembles different types of material. If a blade is graded 440A then it means it is of good quality, while 440C and VG-10 resemble better and stronger quality respectively.

Frozen/Ice/Cryogenic Tempered Steel – These type of dog grooming shears are not very popular but they come with a very hard material. So you can say they are stronger than Stainless and Carbon material shears. The material of these scissors are made with compression below -300oF to obtain the optimal hardness.

Dog Grooming Scissors

Blade Types

Straight Shears – These types of shears are the most common one and a lot of people are using them. Doesn’t matter what type of dog you have, you must have a straight shear as it is very useful for shaping, and for finish work. If you are looking for blending shears for dog grooming even then you can consider buying a straight scissor as it can be used to set patterns too.

Curved Shears – There are many best-curved dog grooming shears available out there but you must keep in mind that these scissors are used for tune shaping and to set angulation for specific areas. If you have a large-sized dog, then you must use a shear with larger curves. The larger the shear the more will be the curve of it. So for small dogs, you must get a small curved shear.

Thinning Shears – When you are done using the clippers on your dog, you can consider using this type of scissor for thinning the hairs. These shears have a cutting edge on one blade and teeth on another blade but some might have teeth on both blades as they are double thinners. Just a simple search of dog grooming thinning shears best will get you a list of hundreds of scissors of this type.

Hair Cutting Shear

Size & Weight

Weight and the size of the shears matters a lot when a person with no professional guidance is using it. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional groomer or one who is doing the dog hair cutting at home, you must look for a scissor that is easy to use. Shears of three handle types are available out there: Swivel Thumb, Opposing Grip and Offset.

Opposing grip is the one that comes with standard scissor design while the Offset grip is the one that is designed to reduce hand fatigue. These types of shears are the best for professional groomers as they have a lot of scissors work to do. If you use your thumb more often, then you can consider buying professional pet grooming shears that come with Swivel Thumb grip.


Well, there are many professional grooming shears for dogs available out there but if you don’t have any experience of dog grooming, then you must buy a shear that is easy to use. Scissors are also as important as the trimmers for dogs because they can be used to create an outline and for finishing as well.

If you don’t know about any good dog grooming shears then you can ask us for help or you can read our detailed post about the best dog grooming shears for the money available right now. You can also take help from YouTube to learn more about dog clipping and dog shears.

How To Use Shears For Dog Grooming

Final Words

So this is all about grooming shears for dogs and we hope now you know how to groom dogs with shears. We hope you are able to distinguish between the best dog grooming shears that you can buy for your pets. While grooming your pets you must consider using the dog shears so you can get the perfect finish of the furs.

We will keep this post updated with the dog hair cutting shears and the guide to use them on your pets, so keep visiting The Best Dog Clippers to know about it. If you are facing any issues in using the dog shears then you can ask us about them via the comments below.

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